Balance Hormones to Curb After Dinner Overeating 
Without Needing More Willpower
Discover the most important component of the daily eating routine for peri/post menopausal women
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🎯 Can’t cut back on eating after dinner? This guide shares the daily routine that leads to nighttime fullness and satisfaction. 

🎯 The secret of Hormone Balance that allows women to say “no-thanks” to junk food without feeling deprived or using willpower

🎯How to get off the restriction-overeating roller coaster ( ...and stop the after-eating guilt and self-loathing)

We hate spam and will never sell or rent your information
About Me! Who Am I?
Hi I’m Cassie Christopher, a Registered Dietitian and chocolate lover.
I left graduate school with an emotional eating habit that my Master’s degree in Nutrition didn’t teach me how to solve.

Fast forward to many years helping women meet their health goals, and I found that the biggest thing standing in the way of making healthy eating choices was the emotional role that food is playing in many of our lives. 

I have devoted my career to helping women balance hormones and learn self-compassion so they can stop emotional eating and feel confident in their bodies using proven strategies that have worked for both me and my clients.

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