How I Achieved Freedom from Overeating Without Feeling Deprived and Learned to Love My Body Again
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Hosted by Cassie Christopher, MS RD CD
Hi, I’m Cassie Christopher. I’m a Registered Dietitian and Mom to a busy toddler. I support women in their forties through sixties to get a handle on emotional eating so they can feel more confident in their bodies without depriving themselves of delicious food or chocolate.

I am passionate about helping women address the REAL root of their food issues and inability to shed pounds, that is the stress hormone cortisol. In my 6+ years of experience helping women fit into their favorite jeans, I have discovered that high levels of the stress hormone keep them constantly craving food and feeling too tired to do the things they know they need to do for their health. I help women get their energy, confidence and control back.  

Monday, October 4th 
at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern Time

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